MY JOURNEY WITH Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Updated: Jul 16

When I first discovered Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique through a series of synchronistic events, it truly felt like I had 'come home'. The techinque is such a powerful modality for release and transition, in a format that honours what it is to be a unique expression of soul, as well as a spark of infinite or collective consciousness.

I'd never really had much interest in past lives, and although I'd had awareness of parallel dimensions via meditation; I was more focused on becoming present and releasing internal resistance in the 'Now', moving forward solution oriented, and acquiring the tools and methodology to do so. I've spent over a decade formulating holistic strategies around health and wellness (nutrition, exercise and spiritual practices) that foster the Universal Way of Steadiness, Consistency and Simplicity. A gentle and sustainable approach to self betterment and authentic soul expression.

Afterall, the past is in the past, it is only through us repeating imprints or echoes and looping thoughts and feelings via associations that we re-live it, right? Or so I thought. Utilising Neuro-Linguistic Programming and conscious mind, I engaged in strategies to connect to the subconscious via mind, personality and thinking processes, bypassing content related information. This strategy does work, for the internal blocks and resistance that the client is aware of. And therein lies the limitation also; it works only for that which is consciously apparent to the change-seeker.

It is the subconscious that holds all the information that concerns the individual, as well as the greater or collective awareness. It is the subconscious that knows the true expression of the soul, that IS the true expression of the soul, not the egoic conscious mind. While ego and conscious mind is of course the essential aspect of self expression, by it's very nature of uniqueness and separation, it may disconnect with universal intelligence.

By communicating directly with the subconscious, the higher self, submerged aspects or behaviours that seem irrational, misplaced, or even beyond time and space, can be revealed. The aspects or behaviours that are counter to our deepest aspirations and full realisation of purpose and connection are directly illuminated, and released in accordance with our karmic journey. And even more beautifully, via QHHT, the client is directly providing that information to themselves. Nothing is more empowering or effective than healing oneself utilizing pure awareness, releasing the cause and then the sypmotms, rather than solely managing symptoms we've created (as though they've come from nowhere).

Once a spiritual journey and re-connection like a QHHT session has been completed, it is then that the tools for life and source connection and expression can easily take hold, without using force. We can adhere to them without 'self-sabotage' and 'self denial', without fear and internal resistance, and fully embrace our worth and value, our beauty, and our Godliness. When we tap into and work with the subconscious, we are tapping into the ultimate power, and working directly with spirit, so spirit may fully recognise itself.

If you engage in behaviour patterns that are sabotaging your goals and self-expression or appear irrational or out of place, if you're disconnecting yourself from health and wellness and cant understand why, or if you're on autopilot with destructive behaviour and cannot determine or release these patterns, then I'd highly recommend you find a QHHT practitioner to help facilitate this connection to the most Divine aspect of you as Source.

Although currently booked until February, I'm providing sessions free of charge to complete my training and internship. You can book online at .

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