Updated: Jul 16

Timely, this morning, something I shared from 2013 came up in my feed. It was this:

"How 'spiritual' you are has nothing to do with what you believe, but everything to do with your state of consciousness. This, in turn, determines how you act in the world, and interact with others." - Eckhart Tolle

I stopped for a moment and contemplated this. I've been swept up for a bit in some conspiracy theory loops of late, (I seem to be magnetising them) and as entertaining as they are, I truly need to disconnect from this energy...

Whether or not ANY of it exists, whether or not there are ANY wrong-doings or injustices occurring in the current consciousness that seem to have global, political, economic, health, family, community, relationships etc interwoven in some mysterious web of connectedness and consequences, I'm choosing to disconnect from it, and move immediately, in the present moment, to remember my 'spiritual' state.

I choose the consciousness of forgiveness, because it is the ultimate portal to love.

We all know how important forgiveness is in freeing up (heart) energy from past hurts and injustices, not condoning these things, but bringing forward the wisdom and understanding of, as Milton Erikson put it, "giving up hope of a better past". But I have never really contemplated forgiveness as a continual state. I've even practiced the ho oponopono (which is layered in this recording for added cellular transformation) to achieve this state, not even really conscious of what it was, just allowing it to transform any pain in my body to forgiveness, and then to gratitude and love... Such a simple, remarkable, transformative mantra. The same energy of Reiki. The energy of Love.

I choose forgiveness NOW, not even for past hurts, but for present ones. For NOW consciousness. For any hurt, anger, impatience, loss, grief, sadness etc that I may be experiencing NOW. Is there even any more powerful state of consciousness than forgiveness? Is there even anything more 'spiritual'?

Listen to the hypno-meditation for at least 7 consecutive days, ideally when you are waking, or going to sleep, and also consciously first, before tracking off into sleep. Please also realise that these tracks are hypno-meditations, and should only be listened to when it is safe and appropriate to do so. I also accept no liability for any adverse effects that may be experienced as a result of listening to these recordings. Please understand that they are globalised, but powerful, and that you're listening to them at your own risk.

These hypno-meditations are intended purely form the heart, of course. Please receive them with this understanding. You'll find them under the Hypno-Meditation Tab.

Much Love, and Welcome to My Home.


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