Wellness Wednesday Payments

Plans Available Now

Casual Weekly Attendance

Selecting this payment methods allow you to attend the sessions casually to see if you enjoy them, and would like to continue!  No ongoing commitment!  

If you'd like to receive a payment discount and ongoing access to ALL recordings to stream in the Hypno-Hub, please select the Discounted Monthly Payment Plan where you pay for 4 sessions, and receive access to 5.

Discounted Monthly Payment Plan

One session FREE.  Pay for 4 sessions and receive access to 5.

You will be billed $45 monthly, and can cancel your membership at any time if you cannot continue.  If you'd prefer to attend casually, please select Casual Weekly Attendance (no access to Hypno-Hub recordings).

Choose this plan if you're keen to continue, and would like to stream all Hypno-Meditations ongoing, and at your leisure.  If you miss a session, no worries, just access the Hypno-Hub to enjoy the recording when it suits!